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We BUILD your dream HOME

we combine functionality and aesthetics to provide homeowners with innovative and cost-effective home construction. Our team specialises in house construction and can assist you create a personalised home to suit your lifestyle.

All Your Construction Needs Under One Roof


Choudhary Builders is known for its meticulous planning customer-centric design and high-quality construction. We endeavor to provide excellent value for money 24/7 a day seven days a week.


Your investment is protected with Choudhary Builders. Moreover, every project built by Choudhary Builders is equipped with high security systems for added peace of mind.

Timely Delivery

Choudhary Builders is commited to on-time project delivery since we understand that every day of delay costs money and causes inconvenience.


Choudhary Builders offers all the essential guidance and support to make the paperwork and registration procedure as simple and painless as possible for our customers.

Top notch services




Choudhary Builder’s team has a strong grasp of the design process as well as the creativity to combine it with construction planning. We give shape to your dreams, be it a house or an institution or important buildings and public facilities. 

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Choudhary Builder’s superior workmanship makes the planning and building process straightforward and quick resulting in a practical and appealing business space whether you need to refurbish a restaurant or develop a new high-end spa.



Choudhary Builder’s provide a range of renovation services to bring old and worn house elements into the twenty-first century. Let us renovate your home after years of wear and tear have taken their toll on it and turn it into something you can be proud of.

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Our goal is for every property in Ramnagar and elsewhere to guarantee to give the very best in engineering quality, construction, and timeliness, in order to keep up with the evolving needs of clients. We have worked hard to put a smile on each of our residents faces and we intend to continue doing so in the future. 


What people say abot us

"They made intelligent use of the available space to bring our dream home interiors to life."
Shekhar Bisht
"Hats off to the builders. They constructed our dream home exactly how we wanted it. We take it as a compliment that people have drawn inspiration from our home for their own homes."
Ramesh Chandra
"Our dream home was designed as beautifully as we pictured it - that’s what’s unique about the builders."
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What people says about us !!

About us

INtroducing about our business

Choudhary Builders is a prestigious residential construction company that specialises in high-end technical construction and beautifully designed luxury residences with 15 years of professional experience. From historic preservation to cutting-edge contemporary designs, our award-winning staff makes even the most difficult projects look simple. 

Our people are ultimately what distinguishes us from other construction companies. Choudhary Builders hires outstanding people who share the same goal: to create exceptional projects with an exceptional team. We value hard work, honesty, and long-term partnerships. In almost 40 years of building custom homes, we have maintained a culture of collaboration, uncompromising quality, continual progress, and a genuine desire to master our craft.