How we became best among others?

15 years of professional experience, we combine functionality and aesthetics to provide homeowners with innovative and cost-effective home construction. Our team specialises in house construction and can assist you create a personalised home to suit your lifestyle.

Our Mission

To be a well-respected global infrastructure company known for quality, dependability, on-time completion, and a safe working environment. To foster a culture of openness, mutuality, and lifelong learning among its personnel.

Our Vision

We feel that construction is a man made beauty. The thought of bringing imagination to real life structures excites us, each and every day. It gives us great pleasure to know that we are contributing to your happiness, your lifelong desire.

Our Value

Business practises that are ethical. Workplace that is collaborative and innovative. Employees and society benefit from a caring culture. Individual Dignity and Mutual Respect


In Ramnagar, have a look at our residential projects. Only a select handful are gifted with the ability to design. It necessitates zeal, determination, and a great deal of bravery. With our brand new apartment developments around Ramnagar, Chaudary Builders is on a mission to Construct Happiness, and we’re on our way to pioneering an exquisite living.


Who we are and what we do for you

Integrity Luxury Homes delivers a standard of excellence that you won’t find among the competitors in today’s world where custom house builders seem to be a penny a dozen. Our goal is to make the construction process as stress-free and joyful as possible. Every home we create, brick by brick, is built with superb craftsmanship from start to finish. From the inside out, we take delight in providing enormous interiors, fanciful master retreats, beautiful detailing, distinctive elevations, and expert service. We want everyone of our homeowners to be proud of what they come home to after a long day at work.

We’ll even build specific aspects of the home to suit your individual tastes, such as wine rooms, rec rooms, and home entertainment rooms. Invite family and friends over for fun and relaxation in your dream home, which features large courtyards, elegant fountains, and We’ll even build specific aspects of the home to suit your individual tastes, such as wine rooms, rec rooms, and home entertainment rooms. Our dedication to perfection has resulted in some of Ramnagar houses, so discover more and make your dream home a reality.


  • Is there a portfolio or résumé of your new custom house builder’s work?
  • Does the home builder have a track record of similar build projects that match your style and the size of home you want?
  • When communicating and conducting business, is the homebuilder professional and organised?
  • Can the new house builder give you with a list of credible references to check?
  • Is the Phoenix home builder’s main focus on custom homes or spec homes?

While there are more than five variables to consider when hiring a custom home builder, these will assist you in narrowing down your Choudhary Builders search. It’s critical to find the correct contractor who is perfectly suited to your requirements. Contract with a qualified and insured builder who is fully equipped to handle and construct your home construction project to make the most of your time and money. A well-built luxury custom home can leave a legacy of love and family for future generations. As a result, don’t be scared to ask questions and expect a straightforward response. Clients are welcome to ask questions about our process, credentials, and history. Beyond excellence, we owe our consumers honesty and integrity in everything we do.